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September 6, 2010

My friends and I put together a small and intimate women’s event yesterday called SPARK!

During the event, SPARK! creator Carisse Escueta asked us to fill up a SPARK! List. Similar to a bucket list, the SPARK! List was all about filling up the blanks:

“I want  ______________”

“I will  _______________”

“I should _____________”

“I must  ______________”

Each woman was asked to fill up their own lists, using those prompts. Once we were done, we shared what we wrote with one another. The whole point of the activity was to declare our dreams, encourage each other, and when possible, find ways to help one another.

Here are some of the items on our SPARK! Lists:

(Thank you to Carisse, Julie, Baffee, Abby C, Abby A, Gazelle, and MM for sharing some of their answers!)

It was a great activity, because it felt good to know that there were other people standing with us and rooting for us to reach our dreams. There also were a  lot of shared dreams. Often, you’d hear us say, “Oh, I forgot that one! Can I add that to my list too?” or “Hey, I want to learn how to play the guitar too!”

It was a simple and fun bonding activity that you should try with your friends!

What about you? What would you write on your list?

If you’d like to write your own list, you can use our PDF template! Download it now by clicking on this link. Special thanks to Yasmine and her awesome blog site:  aprintaday.blogspot.com!

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