Who wants to watch Planetshakers? :)

January 21, 2011

I do!

PLANETSHAKERS, one of my favorite bands, is coming to Manila on March 12, and I’m going to miss it!  :(

But guess what? You don’t have to. :)

In a moment, I’ll tell you how you can win free tickets for yourself + THREE of your friends (yes, 3!) to watch Planetshakers live at the PhilSports Arena (formerly ULTRA) in Pasig. I’ll also tell you how you could win some Planetshakers CDs! And there’s more awesome news, but you have to scroll down and read the end of this post.

***EDIT: I have to apologize, I won’t be able to give out VIP and Courtseat tickets after all, but I’m still giving out the same number of tickets! Scroll down for more details..

Planetshakers’ music brings back great memories for me. I had one of their albums, Deeper, on my car radio for months. I seriously love every single song in that album. One of their songs, “Jump Around”, was practically an anthem at our high-energy Wednesday nights at the University of Makati, and one of my all-time favorite songs, “Nothing is Impossible”, is a song that can lift my faith, hope, and joy whenever I hear it. As I mentioned, I’m seriously bummed that I won’t get to watch them in concert, but I’m going to make sure that if you’re in the Philippines, YOU won’t miss it!

So here’s the “more awesome” news that I promised: I’m not choosing 1 or 2 winners, I’m choosing ten winners! Five winners will each win 4 Ringside or General Admission tickets (winners will be chosen at random). The five other winners will win Planetshakers CDs. If, for whatever reason (i.e. you can’t make it on March 12) and you’d rather have the CD, just let me know in your comment below.

To get a chance to be one of the awesome winners, you must do BOTH actions:

  1. Leave a comment below and tell me which prize you want (tickets or CD) and why you want to win it. Be creative! Even if I’m choosing the 10 winners at random, you just might be the winner that gets the best tickets if I think your answer deserved it!
  2. Tweet this or post a link to this blog post on your Facebook wall. You can tweet it easily by clicking here. If you don’t have a Twitter account, you can post a link on your Facebook wall by clicking here. I won’t know if you posted a link on your Facebook wall, so tag me (if we’re friends) or please add Becca MusicInc, and tag them. Or you can take a screenshot of your Facebook wall and email it to me at blog[at]lizetteclaudio.com

(Here’s a tip: I’ll give you a bonus entry each time you post more than once and if I think your tweet or wall post was creative, I’ll give you 10 more bonus entries!)

It’s so easy to join! This is only open to Philippine residents. I’ll pick the winners at random on Tuesday, February 1, 2011, at 12 noon (because I’m in the US, I’ll go by Pacific Standard Time), and if you’re one of the people selected, I’ll send you an e-mail or a direct message letting you know what you’ve won, and I’ll also post the winners on the blog within that week.

Please note that if you do win, you have to pick up your prize at the Becca Music Inc. office in Ortigas (I’ll provide the winners with the address) on or before March 7, 2011. (Thank you to the wonderful people at Becca Music for blessing us with these special treats!)

I hope you won’t pass up this great opportunity! Make sure to mark it on your calendars: March 12, 2011. For more information on the concert, click here. Even if you don’t win, plan a trip with your friends (or family) anyway because you won’t want to miss it!

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