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July 10, 2011

Here’s a little peek into my life. If you were sitting at my desk, this is what you would see:

This is the spot where I work on my papers, go through my books, pay my bills, write letters to my friends, and have Skype chats with my family.

I spend a lot of time at this desk, so it’s only fitting that I put some stuff in front of me that I want to remember: pictures of loved ones, encouraging notes, inspiring verses, and some other random things. Last week, I cut out this excerpt from the Catalyst Atlanta brochure and pasted it on the wall:

As leaders, we must be present. It's our responsibility to embrace what God has put squarely in front of us, and take action where we are. Being present requires time, space, and place. Eye to eye focus. Undivided attention. Messy moments of inconvenience. A willingness to lay down everything else to pay attention to who is in front of you. Listening, care, and loving. Putting down roots in a specific place. Leading where you are.

This is a challenge that faces me not just today but every single day (I even wrote about it a couple of weeks ago). Sometimes, I’m too consumed with things that are far ahead in the future that I forget to thoroughly appreciate, honor, and invest in what’s in front of me today.

Do you find yourself facing this challenge too? What do you do to stay focused on the present?

By Liz

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    Interesting read, my dear pal! As i try my utmost best to pay attention to the words written on this entry, I find myself frequently distracted and thoroughly moved to see OUR BARKADA (clique of friends) picture among the seemingly important things in your life! The content of your notes describes a glaringly similar “moment to moment” challenge I face indeed!
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      Galing mo, bud! You spotted the picture??? It’s definitely in there, but I thought it would be too small to see! Well, you guys are very important to me! I miss you all a lot!

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        We miss you too buddy! Akala ko I wasn’t really reading into your post but apparently I was haha! Keefin touche eh! :)

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    Liz, I missed your presence during our yearly vacation. I went to Victory QC and really affirmed that Victory is our Pinoy church home. Hugs. Hope to hear more stories of how God works in your life.

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      Aww, that’s good to hear! Sad I missed you too…I would’ve wanted to see your beautiful baby :)

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    This is a great reminder Liz for all of us. :) I miss you dear!
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      I miss you too, Yas! Come and visit me! ;-)

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    Very cute desk ^_^

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