On control.

February 5, 2017

The third lightbulb moment I had from my Prayer and Fasting week had to do with the idea of taking control. (For the first and second lightbulb moments, check my last two posts)

I used to be someone who wasn’t very good at dealing with chaos. Actually–scratch that. I was very good at dealing chaos. Too good, in fact, that I always called in to manage and control fires. Fires in the family, fires at work, fires in other people’s lives, etc. It all took a toll on me and it did not make me a very happy or joyful person.

I’ve since learned to pick my battles and learned how to say no. I’ve also learned that I’m no savior, and it’s not my job to fix other people’s problems. But in my own life, I still find myself sliding easily into the problem-solver role. But there are just some problems that are beyond my capacity to fix, and I need to hand them over to God.

There’s a story in the Old Testament, where the Ark of the Covenant (that is, the Presence of God) was traveling with the Israelites. They were instructed by God not to touch it, lest they die. At one point, it looked like the ark was going to fall down, and a Levite named Uzzah reached out to take hold of the ark…and he was struck dead. Extreme, right? I know.

But it does remind me that there are some things I don’t need to touch. God can work miracles, not me. And if I should be backing off and letting God move, then I should stick to that. No need to meddle. Slow down. Back off. Let God do His work.


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