How important is it to be noticed?

Have you ever felt overlooked?
Have you ever secretly wished that people would notice you more?
Have you ever been frustrated because someone else took credit for something that you did?


I'll be honest--I can answer "yes" to all of those questions. But a couple of months ago, I learned a valuable lesson from a fascinating leader named Bob Goff: being noticed isn't really all that important. Your popularity doesn't define your purpose, and becoming well-known isn't a prerequisite for making an impact. [...]

Back on the blog and what I'm loving this week…

I’m back from my blogging hiatus! First up, I want to thank the awesome guest bloggers who have helped me out these past two weeks. In case you missed their posts, here’s another rundown: Missing Melody Gersbach (by Joyce Burton Titular) Never Say Never (by David Bonifacio) Tell Me Thursday: A Question About Your Mission (by Linny Lareza) 7 Important Lessons I Learned as a Preschool Teacher (by Carisse Escueta) Strong-Armed Weakness (by Hilary Isaac) Everybody Has a Different Story...

Small pond or big pond?

I’m sure you’ve been asked this question before: would you rather be a big fish in a small pond or a small fish in a big pond? I don’t think there’s a right or wrong answer, since each person is different. What works for one won’t work for another. I’ve found that even with different reasons, my answer is still the same after all these years. And I just want to clarify–for me, it’s not about ambition–it just goes back...