Happy Holidays!

I would type up a list of my excuses for not blogging much lately, but I think my excuses are better shown through the photos from this busy but blessed month! :)

(Press play and you can hover over the photos for captions)

I know this is a little late, but HAPPY HOLIDAYS to you and your family!

Christmas Chaos!

Is your Christmas season feeling as chaotic as mine? December is always known to be an incredibly busy month, but this December is extra-crazy for me for another reason. I’m leaving in less than a month to embark on a new adventure. It’s easy to get caught up in all the planning, just like it’s easy to get caught up in all the craziness of the Christmas season. I wish I could write one of those blog posts that would...

My Christmas Wish List (a.k.a. My Geeky Gift Guide)

Today I’m sharing with you my Christmas wish list which showcases the shamelessly geeky side of me. If you know a geek like me, then maybe this gift guide would help! :) 1) iPhone 4 – I am a shameless gadget geek, this is true. 2) An awesome compact camera, like the Lumix DMC-ZS5/TZ8 or DMC-ZS7/TZ10 – I love my SLR camera, but I can’t carry it around all the time. I love the special modes on these Lumix cameras. 3) iTunes...

Tell Me Thursday: Your Favorite Christmas Gifts

Today’s question needs no introduction so I’ll jump right in! Tell me: What are some of the best Christmas gifts you’ve ever received? Here are some of mine: 1) A painting made by the students from Young Focus – It was such a beautiful surprise. Last December 2009, while I was driving to the Young Focus Student Center in Tondo, I was talking to God about how much I wanted to travel but didn’t know how that would be possible at that...

Gift ideas for Christmas (and for the rest of the year!)

Christmas is known as a season of giving, but it's also a stressful season for a lot of people because they feel like they don't have anything to give. The truth is that you and I actually have so much, but oftentimes we're too worried about the state of our wallets and bank accounts that we forget about all the other wonderful things that we can give. [...]

Gearing up for Christmas!

I’m excited that Christmas is just around the corner! Christmas is a wonderful time to spread the love and cheer, and it’s also a great opportunity to create memories with loved ones. Today, I’m blogging about what our family has done in the past so you can get some ideas. Every Christmas Eve, our Claudio clan comes together to celebrate. We exchange gifts and eat lots of food, like most families. Two Christmases ago, we decided to add something extra...

What I’m Loving This Week: All Sorts of Stuff!

Read them now or read them later! Here are some of the stuff I liked this week: 1) The question we all ask. by Jon Acuff – A really good Serious Wednesday blog post about what makes us special. I can’t recommend it enough. 2) Greatest Hits of TED Videos from Fast Company – There are so many TED Talks out there, that I’m just happy someone compiled a list of the greatest hits so we can bookmark them for...