Hello, courage.

Today I did something difficult. It was difficult, but I knew I had to do it if I wanted to heal, grow, and live in freedom. In the midst of doing what needed to be done, I was surprised that I actually felt calm and at peace. But as soon as I finished what I needed to do, I found myself nervous and anxious. I started second-guessing myself and I wondered if I should regret what I did. Forty long...

Comfort in the Uncomfortable

Sometimes I listen to myself and I cringe.

Too much worrying.
Too much whining.
Too much complaining.
Too many questions.
Too many excuses.
Too many doubts.

Sometimes I'm like a child who refuses to jump into the swimming pool for the first time. [...]

What I'm Loving This Week: Thoughts on Love, Life, and Waiting

Some of my favorite posts from this past week: 1) Does God Still Restore Marriages? from Paolo Punzalan – my pastor just posted the video that made everyone cry at church last weekend (except for the men, of course….they don’t cry, their eyes just sweat!). I really hope you can take the time to watch this beautiful video. Oh, and prepare the tissues! 2) The Ultimate Poster Child For What Could Have Been by Steven Furtick – “What could have...